Jetta Costume (Misfits)

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Jetta (Misfits)

Black and white is the name of Sheila “Jetta” Burns’ game. The saxophonist’s outfit is a fun mix and match of patterns and prints in the monochrome tone.

Makeup: I love Jetta’s makeup the most. A very light, powder blue zig zag pattern is painted across her face, from her right cheek towards her left forehead. The same powder blue is used above her left eye in a leaf shape. Finally, she uses pink lipstick.
Shoes: Black high-heeled pumps

Costume - Jetta - Jem and Holograms

Big Black Spiked Wig
With copious amounts of hair spray and some teasing action, you can coax your natural hair into a bigger volume, but you can also opt for a spiky wig like this one to instantly add that body and punk you need.

Light Gray Fringed Shawl
Go for a poncho with fringe details, preferably one that is not too long. This is a little longer than I want it to be but the cutout details and the faux suede texture gives it a rockstar edge that would work perfectly with Jetta’s vibe. Just use a safety pin to stick both ends of the jacket together

Polka Dot Tunic
The cold shoulder detail of this black and white polka dot tunic would make this top an excellent piece to wear on any casual date.

Black and White Scarf
Get a black/white printed scarf and tie around your waist. I chose this houndstooth print to jive with the animal print influence on Pizzazz and Stormer’s costumes.

Black White Vertical Striped Pants
Now go for a pair of vertical striped pants, which reminds me of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. Love the skinny cut and the bold lines!

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