Rapture (The Stingers) Costume

Jem and the Holograms

Dress up as Rapture (The Stingers)

Phoebe “Rapture” Ashe follows The Stingers’ black/yellow motif and has an unusual hairstyle that makes her almost look like a demon – it fits her fascination for the occult

Hair: With some hairspray, put your hair up in spikes.
Makeup: Red orange lines around her eye and the same shade for her lips.

rapture cosplay - stingers - jem holograms

Vampire Collar
The most distinct part of Rapture’s costume, for me, is the very pronounced collar which reminds me of a vampiress. I’d buy this vampire collar then tie it around my neck for that effect. It has a goth touch to it which fits Rapture’s personality

Yellow Bandage Dress
Rapture’s dress is a bandage dress with structured sleeves. I couldn’t find an exact replica, but I believe any bandage dress in the yellow/black motif would suffice

Fishnet Arm Warmer
Wear a fishnet arm warmer on your left arm only. On your right arm, wear black and yellow bangles

Fishnet Stockings
Wear fishnet stockings to match your arm warmer

Yellow High-Heeled Pumps
Finish off the look with high-heeled pumps in the color (what else?) yellow

Big Hoop Earrings
Wear a pair of big hoop earrings

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